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{polka-dots & a pop of pink}

4 May

I hope you’ve all had a great week!

This week kind of drug on nice & slowly for me…wasn’t much going on at work {athletes have all started with their finals so we can’t train them}, and we got news from Patrick.  He’s now a platoon leader!!  While I try to be happy & excited for him, knowing this is what he’d rather be doing, it’s hard for me to stay calm & not worry. Not to say I didn’t worry before, but I knew he was working on the base, now this means he will be out on missions each day.  Obviously, Patrick is highly trained to be doing this, but sometimes my mind gets the best of me & I start playing movie footage in my head.  I know that’s not realistic, but that’s the only image I have of “deployment”…needless to say, I DO NOT watch any more movies that are military related!

I’m so lucky to have such great support all around me.  My family & friends have all been there to support me in the change, and I couldn’t do it without them.  I got phone calls all week from his family, checking in on me, and I appreciate them so much for that!  I hate that we are so far apart, but even across the country, they do such a great job at keeping tabs on how I’m doing.  {thanks guys!!}

Pray, Pray, Pray!  That’s all we can do here for the troops.  Remember as the summer months hit over there, so does more action.  Please pray for the safety of all our military men & women!

Anyway, in other news…the sun was out a few days this week!!  After the cold front that seemed to have crept in on us, I was happy to see & feel the sunshine!

{forever21 tank, old navy pants, steve madden heels, thrifted jacket, forever21 & thrifted necklace, jcrew & DIY bracelets}

added a pop of blue for some color-blocking fun!


{True Friends}

27 Apr

Last weekend I got to enjoy pastor Mark Driscoll & his wife Grace on their “Real Marriage” book tour.  Their conference has sold out all over the nation & here they were right in my neighborhood!  I honestly had never heard of this couple before, but when I started getting facebook messages & emails from friends around the country saying, “you better be going to this?!”, I decided I should look into it!  lol I’m SO glad I did!

Obviously, I wished I could have been there with Pat, but circumstances don’t allow for that.  My amazing, very single sister, braved the MARRIAGE conference with me. I think we can both say, we left changed.  Mark & his wife have been through so much & are very open about their failures in one another, but in their honesty, they reveal hope & grace from the Lord…the same grace that got them to where they are today, best friends!

I wish I could share everything I learned, but that would take one very lOng post.  You can refer to Mars Hill Church for his podcast on his book, Real Marriage.

I will share with one of my favorite lessons from their book, FRIENDSHIP.  The biggest lesson they’ve learned over many years has been, you must be true FRIENDS with your spouse in order to have a deep intimate relationship.  Most would say, well DUH!  There’s a lot involved in the kind of friendship he’s defining:

Fruitful, Reciprocal, Intimate, Enjoyable, Needed, Devoted, Sanctifying

*check out part 2 of his podcast to hear an explanation of each parts.

This seems so easy to me, obviously Patrick & I are friends, but their honesty about what a marriage friendship should look like was so enlightening.  Men & women are different & that’s just the bottom line, but that’s not an excuse.  We both have to be selfless & thinking of the other.  Since we’re human, this is a commitment everyday to serving, not just serving your spouse, but serving the Lord in how He calls us to love.  He tells us to love our enemies?!  That’s powerful.  I don’t know if I do that all the time…

We must see our spouse as the Lord sees him/her.  When we can do that, we can love no matter what the circumstances.

Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

{Jcrew blouse, Victoria Secret pants, LV Speedy, H&M ring, Forever21 necklace, Thrifted earrings}

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

{OOTD::nothin’ better than stripes}

11 Apr

Introducing you to Ashley!  One of my bridesmaids & looking adorable in this Jcrew maxi dress number! Her and my sister {here} looked so beautiful the night of my tasting at my wedding venue {here} I just had to share their looks.  Ashley & I go way back to my sophomore year of college.  We were teammates then, but now she’s a sister!

Ashley is wearing a Jcrew maxi dress, Forever21 necklace, MK watch, Jcrew bracelets & ring

Ashley has this adorable “B” tattoo on her right hand ring finger that I just love!

{OOTD:: Water Colors}

10 Apr

First of all, I want to introduce you all to my sister, Kirstyn.  Most ask “are you twins?!”  No…all-though I take it as a huge compliment, because I think my little sis is absolutely GORGEOUS!  We are two years apart, but no one ever realizes that.  She’s my baby sis, but more that that, she’s my best friend!!  I don’t know what I’d do without her.

The night of my tasting, at my wedding venue {here}, I told my sister & my other roommate Ashley {who are both bridesmaids in my wedding} that I was going to do an outfit post on each of them because they both looked SO beautiful!

My sister is wearing a gorgeous water-colored dress by Jcrew, Urban Outfitters belt, Target heels, Forever21 ring, Jcrew bracelets.

PS:: did I mention she’s one of the biggest goofballs I know!!

OH, and she’s also been working out & very proud of her guns! {lol}

Stay tuned to see Ashley’s debut tomorrow!

{a dress that twirls}

6 Apr

Earlier this week I shared my venue reveal {here}.  Today I wanted to share the details of my dress.  I scored this dress while I was home last month at Forever21!  I couldn’t believe when I saw it peaking out of the rack.  I had just mentioned I wanted a long pleated maxi dress to my sister, and when I saw the color of this dress, I knew I’d found it!

Twirling in this dress reminds me of being a little girl.  If you asked my mom what I wore as a little girl…she’d tell you, a dress that twirled &  shoes that clicked!  {lol}

{Dress: Forever21, Neckalces: Anthroplogie/Bittersweet, Sandals: Kensiegirl}

Be sure to check out the other girls over at Everybody Everywhere!

{OOTD::Happy Friday}

27 Jan

This week has flown by.  I’m so excited for this weekend.  Time to relax & to spend time with my girlfriends, celebrating Pat & I’s engagement.  I’ve been having so much fun dreaming of my wedding day & gathering ideas for the time when I nail down my exact plans for the big day.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I only blogged three days this week.  I think for now, I will continue on this same frequency, as my mind is in so many places lately.  Thanks for understanding!

{PS:: took these pictures before I was engaged…hence the GORGEOUS ring is not on my finger}

I love this comfy weekend look.  A simple gingham shirt, layered with a pop cardigan is perfect for any Saturday errands!  Enjoy your weekend!! Happy Friday. XO

{OOTD::Lady in Red}

20 Jan

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!  This was my first week as an engaged lady and it’s been so much fun!  Now time to utilize all those pintrest boards..haha This week I went thru and organized my inspirations by ceremony, reception, bridesmaids & decor.  I can’t wait to start putting some of these ideas into action!  I have an exciting weekend ahead- meeting with a few people about my future wedding!

I wanted to share this outfit because I’m in LOVE with this top by Urban Outfitters.  I bought this shirt while I was home over Christmas, and last week we had a few nicer days so I decided to pull it out and pair it with my red jeans!

Still waiting for the snow to come visit Virginia!  We’ve had some COLD days this week, but no snow 😦

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