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{Valentines Day Goodies}

1 Feb

This week my roommate made the BEST Valentines Day treat.  I’m sure most of you have had these before, but I’ve been missing out.  There are many versions of this treat, but she used pink & red M&Ms in preparation of LOVE month!

You Will Need::




How to::

1. Place pretzels on a cookie sheet.

2. Unwrap and place 1 Rollo on a pretzel

3. Place cookie sheet in the over on 350 for 3 mins.

4. Take out of the oven & place 1 M&M on each pretzel

5. Let cool & enjoy !

Here are a few more yummy Valentines Day ideas::


{Pink Meringue Cupcakes}

A few adorable Valentines Day decor ideas::


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