{True Friends}

27 Apr

Last weekend I got to enjoy pastor Mark Driscoll & his wife Grace on their “Real Marriage” book tour.  Their conference has sold out all over the nation & here they were right in my neighborhood!  I honestly had never heard of this couple before, but when I started getting facebook messages & emails from friends around the country saying, “you better be going to this?!”, I decided I should look into it!  lol I’m SO glad I did!

Obviously, I wished I could have been there with Pat, but circumstances don’t allow for that.  My amazing, very single sister, braved the MARRIAGE conference with me. I think we can both say, we left changed.  Mark & his wife have been through so much & are very open about their failures in one another, but in their honesty, they reveal hope & grace from the Lord…the same grace that got them to where they are today, best friends!

I wish I could share everything I learned, but that would take one very lOng post.  You can refer to Mars Hill Church for his podcast on his book, Real Marriage.

I will share with one of my favorite lessons from their book, FRIENDSHIP.  The biggest lesson they’ve learned over many years has been, you must be true FRIENDS with your spouse in order to have a deep intimate relationship.  Most would say, well DUH!  There’s a lot involved in the kind of friendship he’s defining:

Fruitful, Reciprocal, Intimate, Enjoyable, Needed, Devoted, Sanctifying

*check out part 2 of his podcast to hear an explanation of each parts.

This seems so easy to me, obviously Patrick & I are friends, but their honesty about what a marriage friendship should look like was so enlightening.  Men & women are different & that’s just the bottom line, but that’s not an excuse.  We both have to be selfless & thinking of the other.  Since we’re human, this is a commitment everyday to serving, not just serving your spouse, but serving the Lord in how He calls us to love.  He tells us to love our enemies?!  That’s powerful.  I don’t know if I do that all the time…

We must see our spouse as the Lord sees him/her.  When we can do that, we can love no matter what the circumstances.

Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

{Jcrew blouse, Victoria Secret pants, LV Speedy, H&M ring, Forever21 necklace, Thrifted earrings}

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

{Then There Were Three}

25 Apr

Last weekend, we got to celebrate my best friends pregnancy.  Her little boy, Jackson Lee, is due in just a few short weeks {June 11th, 2012}.  I can’t wait for baby bean {as I call him}, to get here!

Amanda & I thru Tabatha this baby shower & when we sat down to plan the first time, we agreed we didn’t want the shower to scream BABYYYY.  So we went with a theme that was based on napkins! lol  I found the napkins at Target, and they inspired the color scheme for the party.  Our theme became “Then There Were Three”, which is what we had put on the cake!  This is Tabatha’s first baby & she couldn’t be more excited!  Maybe a tad nervous too!

If you have any tips or advice for Tabatha, please..leave her a message below!! She’d love ANYTHING.

{I made this garland for the photo-booth & to outline the dessert table}

{I painted the Jack letters on each so she could frame them for his nursery}

{Of course, what boy doesn’t need a whole collection of Nike!}

{Then There Were Three}

{and the collection begins…}

{Head on Over!}

24 Apr

Today I want to send you over to Katy Roll Designs etsy shop.  She has kindly offered all my readers a 20% off coupon code: smplsophistic.  Her designs are adorable, versatile & fun to add to any stack.  Here I am wearing the 30” Gold & Black chain necklace.  Go check it out!  The code will be up until May 23,2012.

Ready, Set, Shop!

{long distance love}

23 Apr


{the lucky one.}

20 Apr

Can I just tell you how excited I am for this weekend?!  Opening of “The Lucky One”!!! Every-time I see the preview on tv, I become mesmerized.  Even though I feel like I’ve seen the preview over 100 times, I still find myself stopping whatever I’m doing to get lost in the 2 mins of preview time.   Most would probably think it’s because of Zac Efron, BUT I have to say it’s not.  The previews of this movie make me think of Patrick & our love story.  While it’s very different from the plot in this movie, just the overlap of the military story reminds me of my man, and how excited I am for his return!

::He makes me the lucky one!

{Anthropologie blazer, Madewell jeans & tee, Jcrew flats, Jcrew bracelets, Target necklace}

Just a few other things in life that make me the lucky one::

::my faith.

::awesome parents. always by my side full of love & support.

::the bomb.com sister & brother. they make life so much fun!

::amazing soon-to-be in laws.  Patrick’s parents are the best.  Love our skype dates!

::a new sister!  Love ya Rach!

::girlfriends that I couldn’t imagine life without! You girls know exactly who you are.

::my job.  love getting to train these athletes!

::Beau & Bella

::exciting adventures to come with Patrick.  can’t wait to see how our story turns out!

{DIY nail art stickers}

18 Apr

I saw this manicure by The Beauty Department and couldn’t wait to try it!

It was so easy & adds the perfect touch to a simple spring manicure.

Here’s how::


16 Apr

Last week was the BEST!  Momma came in town to spend her Spring Break with her girls.  We had a blast together.  Sis & I are so blessed not only to have an amazing mom, but a best friend!  When the three of us are together…there’s no telling what could happen!

We did A LOT of wedding planning!  Since I don’t get to plan the wedding with mom next to me, I took advantage of having her here!  I got to show her the rehearsal dinner venue, wedding venue {you can check out her professional pictures at Yvonne Sanders Photography and really see what my venue looks like}, we got to menu taste & wedding cake taste, ended up choosing an AMAZING menu & a cake that is to die for!  I also got to show her the bridesmaids dresses, which she loved.  OH, and she found her gown for the big day!  I think that’s everything…

PS:  She did a bridal shoot for me…I wish I could share them with you because they’re gorgeous, but you’ll have to wait for those!

{out and about in my hot pink & chambray combo}

{Sis approves of the menu for the wedding}

{just being us}

{goofin’ off at Wally-world}

{we spent lots of afternoons on the deck chatting}

{Mr. Beau was hangin’ out too}

{catching some sun}

{go away winter white!!}

{Easter candy Malts}

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