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16 Apr

Last week was the BEST!  Momma came in town to spend her Spring Break with her girls.  We had a blast together.  Sis & I are so blessed not only to have an amazing mom, but a best friend!  When the three of us are together…there’s no telling what could happen!

We did A LOT of wedding planning!  Since I don’t get to plan the wedding with mom next to me, I took advantage of having her here!  I got to show her the rehearsal dinner venue, wedding venue {you can check out her professional pictures at Yvonne Sanders Photography and really see what my venue looks like}, we got to menu taste & wedding cake taste, ended up choosing an AMAZING menu & a cake that is to die for!  I also got to show her the bridesmaids dresses, which she loved.  OH, and she found her gown for the big day!  I think that’s everything…

PS:  She did a bridal shoot for me…I wish I could share them with you because they’re gorgeous, but you’ll have to wait for those!

{out and about in my hot pink & chambray combo}

{Sis approves of the menu for the wedding}

{just being us}

{goofin’ off at Wally-world}

{we spent lots of afternoons on the deck chatting}

{Mr. Beau was hangin’ out too}

{catching some sun}

{go away winter white!!}

{Easter candy Malts}


5 Jan

Not only was Sunday the 1st day of the new year, it was the 1st snow here in Virginia!  Needless to say, my sister and I did a little rejoicing.  It’s been an odd winter so far, very warm days…which isn’t typical for this area.  Rainy days, gloomy sky, brisk wind, ice storms & flurries are standard for the winter months.  We haven’t seen those days yet this winter.  So, when we saw giant cotton balls falling from the sky we grabbed the camera and headed out to play.  {sadly, it only lasted 5 mins…}

{A Few Things}

8 Nov

Today I want to share a few things that are new to me as of lately::

{Jcrew necklace}

{Jcrew equipment blouse}

{2012 weekly planner}

{motivational words}

{rainbow glitter}

Do you have anything new & exciting that you’re loving these days?

{I Need You}

3 Oct

Sorry for the short post, but I was away all weekend enjoy time with Pat.  We had a wonderful time together…and both love this song, so I figured I’d share!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! XO

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