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{Paper Doll Project::Converse}

21 Jul

{Paper Doll Project}

This week, the challenge I am participating in is called The Paper Doll Project by Miss Vinyl Ahoy.  You choose an item of clothing you want your outfit styled around.  It could be a scarf, shoes, dress, earrings, whatever! The girls from Miss Vinyl Ahoy  randomly paired me up with another blogger and the two of us  styled each other for a day. Everyone participating in the project then posts their photos/outfits on the same day. It’s like one giant style party for everyone!

I choose my red converse sneakers.  The reason I choose them is because if  you really know me at all, I’m NOT so much a converse girl!!  I wanted the opinion of another blogger to help me style an outfit around my converse sneakers, but not in a skater girl way, in a girly way!

I had the help of Missy from Pieces of {My} Earth.  I love the the end result of my look!  Head over to her blog to check out the look we styled around her Indiana Jones inspired fedora.

{red converse sneakers, madewell tank top, jcrew denim shorts, cocktail ring}

Wanted to say a special thank you to Missy for your inspiration on my new “girly” converse look!! I am in love with this and can’t wait to style more outfits around my converse.  XO

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