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21 May

This weekend was spent relaxing in my favorite summer spot:: our back deck.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy sitting out on the deck; chatting with my roommates, some country music in the background, enjoying the evening air.

This weekend I spent most of my time on the deck in the sun, reading “Real Marriage” by Mark Driscoll. I came across the chapter where Pastor Mark explains what true  forgiveness, like Christ forgives, looks like.  He also explains what forgiveness is NOT.  I was so challenged by what true forgiveness really looks like, I want to share the points he makes about it.

Forgiveness::  Loving despite sin or wrong doings.  Just as God forgives not just undeserving but ill-deserving sinners, we must too.  “Forgive us our sins,  for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.  And lead us not into temptation.”  Luke 11:4  We cannot simply ask God to forgive us of our sins; we must also extend the same forgiveness to others.

1. Forgiveness is NOT denying, approving or diminishing sin that is committed against us::

We cannot say we are find, that it was no big deal, or that since it was in the past, we’ve just moved on.  We must be honest about the reality of the sin if we want the forgiveness to be equally earnest.

2. Forgiveness is NOT naivety::

Naive people are prone to live as if the world were not filled with depraved sinners capable of evil; they often become naive by not really looking at the sinfulness of sin, including their own.  Such people are not forgiving sin as must as they are ignoring it.

3. Forgiveness is NOT enabling sin::

To forgive people is not to remain stuck in their cycle of sin, thus being complicit and enabling their continued transgressions.

4. Forgiveness is NOT waiting for someone to acknowledge sin, apologize, and repent::

The sad truth is that some people will never fully repent, and other never at all. Others we will never see again, or they will die before we hear an apology.  We forgive because it is what God requires and what we need, not because out offenders have apologize.

**I was very convicted with this point.  This is such a challenge not only in a husband-wife relationship, but with family or friends in general!  We are called to forgive, even if we never here a “sorry”…this can be a tough one for some!  If we don’t ever forgive & just harbor the feelings, we build up bitterness & hold a grudge, which in turn- is wrong.  Something to think about… 

5. Forgiveness is NOT forgetting about sin committed against us::

It is actually impossible to completely forget such things.  This is why when God says, “Their sin I will remember no more,” it does not mean that He has no memory, but rather that He continually chooses not to bring it up or keep it in the forefront of His thinking.

6. Forgiveness is NOT dying emotionally and no longer feeling the pain of the transgressions::

Rather, forgiveness allows us to feel the appropriate depth of grievous pain but choose by grace not to be continually paralyzed or defined by it.

7. Forgiveness is NOT a one-time event::

Those who have been sinned against commonly have seasons when they feel afresh the pain of past hurts and have to forgive their transgressors yet again.

8. Forgiveness is NOT reconciliation::

It takes one sinner to repent, and one victim to forgive, but it takes both to reconcile.  Therefore, unless there is both repentance by the sinner and forgiveness by the victim, reconciliation cannot occur, which means the relationship remains continually broken until reconciliation does occur.  Forgiveness is the beginning of potential reconciliation but is not in and of itself reconciliation.  Forgiveness takes a moment.  The trust that reconciliation requires is gained slowly and lost quickly.

 9. Forgiveness is NOT neglecting justice::

God will deal with every sin of every human being justly.

**refer to chapter 5 in Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll for more about forgiveness, repentance & bitterness.

{my ferocious watch dog}

{my sweet Bella girl}

{Bed Room Makeover}

9 Jan

Ok, so I know it’s been quite some time since the last time I spoke about my bedroom makeover progress {here, here, here}.  I’ve been in a huge rut lately with no luck finding the right pieces to the puzzle in my head!  Well, big news, last week I found the side table I’ve been dreaming of.  {those who follow me on instagram, simplesophistication, have seen a preview}  That find has re-motivate me with my dream look.  I’m going strong now with getting the small details put together in my bedroom & can’t wait to show you the final reveal hopefully by the end of this month!

Here are a few of my inspirations along the way::

I spent time this weekend working on a DIY project for my walls.  I LOVE the result & can’t wait to reveal!

Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

{Christmas Decor 2011}

14 Dec

Decorating for the holidays is my favorite!! You can see my fall decor {here, here}.  Sometimes I get a little carried away, so I have to limit myself!  I live in a townhouse with three other girls, but someday when I own my own home…I will have the winter wonderland I dream of.   I love the Christmas decor we have right now.  We have a silver & purple color pallet with some pops of other colors here & there::

{silver ornaments hanging in the window}

{my favorite ornament}

{Peace ornament}

{Coffee table center piece}

{Bright ornaments hanging in the kitchen window}

{Kitchen table center piece}

Head over to see my guest post at Real Girl Glam.  Amber, author of Real Girl Glam is on vacation, and she asked me to write a guest post for her while she’s gone.  I’m so happy to help her out & wish her the best while she’s away! XO

{Thanksgiving Tabletop}

23 Nov

Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving tabletop decor favorites this year::

Picture 3{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10}

{Pinspiration::Christmas time}

14 Nov

Decorating for Christmas has always been a big, exciting day in my family!  As a little girl, I remember it was almost as exciting as Christmas morning.  I feel like this year more then any other I am really anticipating that day…getting all the decorations out.  {I think it’s because I know once Christmas is here, Pat will be here too}  With that anticipation, there’s been a big rush on me to want to decorate.  I can’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving…for me, that’s national decorating day! whoohoo

{glittered pine-cones}

{potted dwarf evergreens}

{winter chalk board art}

{porch decor}

{homemade white chocolate dipped oreos}

{beautiful mantels}

{beautifully wrapped gifts waiting under the tree}

{Fall Decor::Part II}

9 Nov

Since Halloween is now come and gone, it was time to change my decor (here) to prepare for Thanksgiving.  I kept a few things the same, but changed up the front door, my coffee table & added a few decorations here and there.  For the front door, I didn’t want to use a typical wreath, or do something that most people do.  I found a old wood frame at a local thrift shop and painted it a bright mustard yellow.  Then, I picked out a few coordinating fabrics, that would pop off the yellow, and made fabric flowers to hot glue on the frame.  {I also painted the picture that was in the frame- chalkboard, but I don’t want to use that in the rainy weather}….I choose to go with an empty frame, acting as my fall wreathe!

For my coffee table & decorations around the house, I kept it simple.  I walked up the street & collected a bag of pine cones and placed them in a few glass vases.  I love it, it was simple & best of all…free!

{Home Sweet Home}

1 Nov

Home decor is something that I have always loved.  I am always so inspired by the looks that I find surfing thru pintrest.  It makes me wish I had a whole house to decorate right now!  Since I don’t, I will share them with you in hope that they will inspire you just the same::


{love this modern-chic bedroom}


{such a romantic-feminine space}


{love the photo wall & neon pink upholstered chairs}


{such a pretty work space- love this desk & that fabric}


{antler chandelier- yes please}


{love this rustic-chic reading nook}


{yellow curtains are to die for}


{this whole room is perfection- pale pink curtains combined with tan & that coffee table}

photos via pintrest

Which look is your favorite??  Do you struggle with always wanting to re-do your spaces like I do?!

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