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{Then There Were Three}

25 Apr

Last weekend, we got to celebrate my best friends pregnancy.  Her little boy, Jackson Lee, is due in just a few short weeks {June 11th, 2012}.  I can’t wait for baby bean {as I call him}, to get here!

Amanda & I thru Tabatha this baby shower & when we sat down to plan the first time, we agreed we didn’t want the shower to scream BABYYYY.  So we went with a theme that was based on napkins! lol  I found the napkins at Target, and they inspired the color scheme for the party.  Our theme became “Then There Were Three”, which is what we had put on the cake!  This is Tabatha’s first baby & she couldn’t be more excited!  Maybe a tad nervous too!

If you have any tips or advice for Tabatha, please..leave her a message below!! She’d love ANYTHING.

{I made this garland for the photo-booth & to outline the dessert table}

{I painted the Jack letters on each so she could frame them for his nursery}

{Of course, what boy doesn’t need a whole collection of Nike!}

{Then There Were Three}

{and the collection begins…}

{DIY nail art stickers}

18 Apr

I saw this manicure by The Beauty Department and couldn’t wait to try it!

It was so easy & adds the perfect touch to a simple spring manicure.

Here’s how::

{DIY:: Blank Canvas}

11 Jan

A few months back I came across two canvas’ at Goodwill with some young child’s art work on them.  As much as I could appreciate their work, I knew I was going to paint the canvas.  I started by painting each canvas white not really knowing what I’d end up doing.  Four  months have past since I did that.  I just really didn’t know how I wanted to use them.  Well, after months of contemplating, I finally decided!

I was inspired by a few geometric prints that I found on Pinterest.  That’s what I wanted!  I was now in search of a stencil I liked.  I goggled some things, and found great options, but before I ordered something, I thought, check the local craft store.  Well, I found it!

I started my project by painting both canvas gray {a shade darker than my walls}.

Now, to stencil….

I started in the middle of the canvas because I wanted that to be the focal point of my print.

A key to remember when stenciling…a little paint goes a long way!  You don’t want to load your brush with paint {you’ll get bleeding under the stencil}.  Keep a light hand and just dab away!

Originally I had planned on doing the whole canvas, but once I got the center strip finished, I really liked the look of the strip & the gray showing.  So I choose to go with this look for now, and if I choose later to change it…I will!

My art work!  I plan on using these as a focal point on a shelf that I will hang above a shelf that I already have, which is covered with picture frames.

{DIY::Time for an Update}

16 Dec

I love my classic black pea-coat, but I’ve had it for years & in my opinion…the buttons had to go!  {Time for an update}  I was flipping through the Jcrew catalog and saw the coats all had shinny gold buttons on them…inspired!  Off to Jo-anns I went…

{Thrifted blouse (similar), Jcrew minnie pants, Jcrew flats, Urban Earrings, Jcrew bracelet, BR Pea-coat (similar), LV Speedy}

I encourage you to go out and try this simple update! It’s easy change, inexpensive & totally revamps the look of your coat.


This weekend I’m headed to Oregon with Patrick.  We will spend a week with his family in the gorgeous mountains & then back to the east coast for a week with my family.  I can’t wait to see everyone & have some serious family time!

Stay tuned next week for 7 fabulous guest posts.  I’ve invited a few of my favorite ladies to share here at Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.  They each have great ideas & advice for you guys.  I hope you enjoy! XO

Have a very merry Christmas & I will be back with you for New Years!

{Long-Lasting Memories}

13 Dec

In high-school {many years ago}, I use to develop all my pictures & scrap-book  them in albums, one for each year.  Scrap-booking was so much fun.  I would sit on my bedroom floor in the evenings, after school & cut, arrange, organize, create & paste several pages a night.  I loved the results, but it just got SO expensive {especially someone like me…who wanted all the small details in every album}.  Then I left for college, and it wasn’t scrap-booking that I got to spend my evenings doing….try volleyball practice for hours! 

 What would we do without our pictures?!  They are the snap shot in time, our memories & what we can carry into our futures to show our children or grandchildren.  I love reminiscing on old pictures and sharing my memories with friends, BUT since college to now…the only place my pictures have been, are on CDs & an eternal hard drive…which does me no good! 

{I’m totally about 7 years since I’d put a single picture in any sort of album}

I finally got very fed up with not being able to look back on my old pictures, or share them with people.  Two months ago I decided that was it!  I was going to start the LONG process of creating books out of my past.  I’d used previous, on a few smaller projects, so I knew the program well, and decided to stick with the very easy to use program.  They are also one of the top rated photo-book services.

I started this process by grouping the last 7 years into different blocks of time.  I designed each book to have a cookie cutter layout, so they all shared the same coordinating theme.  Each page is very simple, capturing the pictures as the focus.  I choose hardcover books which are all the “standard portrait” size option. Each book has a solid color, image wrap front cover & the inside pages are all black matte photo-paper with white borders around each picture. has been amazing to use.  I am so happy with the results & the quick delivery!  I have made twelve books up to this point in time, and now I’m just waiting to order them all.  Prices are very reasonable with, another great plus to ordering through them.

These books will last forever & will make a great addition to the coffee table.

{OOTD::Leather of My Dreams}

9 Dec

So…I’m really disappointed I didn’t take a “before” picture of this skirt, but I found it months ago at a thrift store & just got around to altering it last weekend.  I was so surprised when I stumbled upon this genuine leather skirt at the thrift store.  When I started making my fall/winter “want” list, a leather skirt was on it,…but in my dreams!  I couldn’t afford one or feel good about spending so much on one skirt.  Well, can I just tell you…I paid a whopping $3.50!  I cut a foot off the length of this skirt & used “fabri-tac” glue to create the seam.  Now it’s perfect, and my favorite details are the pockets.

{Jcrew blouse, Thrifted skirt (similar), Target heels (similar), Ellen Tracy purse, Madewell Ring (similar)}

Happiest girl in the world today…in Georgia celebrating Patrick’s Ranger School graduation.  It’s been a long 61 days, and I’m so happy to finally be with him this weekend!

{easy fix:: just add a button}

28 Nov

A few weeks ago, on one of my weekly thrift shop visits, I found this classic black vintage blouse.  I got it, knowing I’d have to do a little “pick me up” to the sleeves.  They were very boxy & not very feminine, so I planned on adding small button to add some shape.  It was such an easy fix & I absolutely love the end result.

{I measured out an inch from the center seem, in both directions, and pinned}

{brought the inch from the L/R together to meet in the center…secure it with a single stich}

{add the button & secure with 3-4 stitches}

I adore this simple fix & encourage you to try!

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