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{DIY nail art stickers}

18 Apr

I saw this manicure by The Beauty Department and couldn’t wait to try it!

It was so easy & adds the perfect touch to a simple spring manicure.

Here’s how::

{yes people…this is real}

23 Mar

I shared this photo on my Instagram Wednesday night out of much frustration.  Some would say…“oh MY?! she’s brave…”  Honestly, this is me just being real!  I don’t have perfect skin, and while I know there are some who suffer much worse than I, I wanted to hear what others who struggle have found relief in, so we can all learn from each other.

On Wednesday night I reached out to all my IG friends with this quote under this picture::

“Yes people…this is REAL!  I need advice…what can I use?!  I’m a 25 year old who looks like she’s just starting to go through puberty.  I’ve been battling acne for the last 3-4 years & I’m TIRED of it!  The dermatologists have done nothing for me, SO if you’ve also struggled with acne and there is a product that did miracles for your skin…please share!!  If you naturally just have beautiful skin- then Sshhhh…I only want to hear miracle stories!! :)”

I was shocked at all the responses & suggestions I received!  Obviously there are hundreds of products out there claiming to be “THE ONE”.  I also know, everyone will react differently to different products.  It was so interesting seeing what you all said!

I wish I could share all the responses, but there were over 60, so I will share just a few of the interesting & very consistent responses I got::

@rachel_elizabeth: Take some generic asprin…grind it up into a chalky powder & mix it with just enough honey for a thick paste!  Lather it on & see what a couple nights of doing this does.  Worked magic on my brothers acne & the others I’ve suggested it too.  Good luck!

@primandpoppy: Get a microdermabrasion treatment and then a chemical peel two weeks later and then repeat!  I also used the obagi acne system.  Now for a less expensive option I use a wash called panoxl.  They have it at Walmart and Walgreen’s and it isn’t expensive!  good luck!

@akwaddington: I swear by using cetaphil cleanser and the clarisonic facial brush.  It’s pricey but it has worked wonders on my acne prone skin.

@hayleyjschwartz: I had the same problem.  I swear by Skin Ceuticals LHA cleansing gel and LHA toner.  Only thing that worked for me

@styleactivist: I’ve tried it all..I stopped using any make up line that contained parabens, sulfates, dyes, talc, etc. and switched to mineral makeup by Jane Iredale.  I now use the entire line of Skin Ceuticals and Dr. Dennis Gross

@alliehughey: My dermatologist recommended CeraVe.  Worked amazing if you do it before bed and when you wake up!  Also, Mario Badescu drying cream.

After receiving all this feedback, I think my first plan of action will be switching my face wash to cetaphil & investing in a clarisonic facial brush.  Secondly, I am going to save up & look into meeting a facialist at a local spa to see what natural recommendations she has.  If I don’t see change in these steps, I’ve read a lot about the Skin Ceuticals line & another line called Eminence.  I think I’ll invest in one of these lines.

I know I am very prone to acne just by that fact that I work in a weight room & sweat on a daily basis.  I’m normally able to shower immediately after I workout, but being in a room that’s filled with sweat & germs all day does NOT help!  I am going to be extra cautions with the amount I touch my face.  I also had a girlfriend tell me clean your CELL PHONE!  Carry Lysol wipes & clean the screen once a day.  Genius!  Why didn’t I think of that?! These are just a few extra steps I’m taking to help in getting rid of my annoying & embarrassing acne.

**you can refer to my IG, if you’d like to read all the feedback I received**

*There were many women who found relief by using Acutane, but because of the drugs risk…I will not be trying that one!*

*Proactive was another product that was consistently talked about, but the talk was very mixed…some said good, but a lot of women sad bad things about it.  I will not be trying that one either.*

If you have any other suggestions that have helped you, please leave a comment so we can all learn more about products that have given relief!

{Americas Most Wanted}

4 Oct

I came across these {Most Wanted} polish colors and fell in love with all of them. I now have a longer polish list for the fall! These colors were voted Americas Most Wanted Nail Polish at InStyle::




{An Affair In Red Square}


{Smokin’ Hot}






{Big Apple Red}


{Malaga Wine}


{Black Pearl}




{Sugar Daddy}

Which colors are your favorite?? Do you already own a few of these colors?  I can honestly say, I own A LOT of nail polish- and none of these colors are in my collection….yet!

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