{star of Morocco}

21 Jun

Different cultures have a special way of intriguing me.  I find the unique details and traditions of other cultures so beautiful.  When looking to decorate, most of the time, I am drawn toward pieces and looks of a foreign place.  I would love to someday have a home full of unique furniture, trinkets and fabrics.  I found this site that I’d love to go crazy on…but instead- I thought I’d save my wallet the pain and share it with you guys!  Visit: http://www.moroccan-furniture-decor.com/cat_moroccan_decor.cfm for a visit a Star of Morocco!

Here are some of the pieces I am dreaming for:




{floor pillow}

{room divider}

{Moroccan tea cups}

What do you guys think?  How do other cultures inspire you day to day?  Which piece was your favorite?


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