{Adventures across the country via Instagram}

20 Jun

{packed and ready to go..Bella wanted to join}

{day 1-after flying cross country…we hit the road- off to Idaho}

{day 2 on our way to Yellowstone}

{enjoying our drive together}

{arriving in Yellowstone National Park}

{we found our first buffalo}

{bison feeding across the river}

{day 3- Pat in front of Morning Glory hot spring}

{the frozen lake}

{day 4- after driving all day- arriving in South Dakota}

{Mt. Rushmore}

{more bison in the National Park}

{day 5-on our way thru the Badlands..middle of NO where}

{Badlands National Park}

{day 6-we found the St. Louis Arch}

{how we started our mornings}

{day 7- arriving in Nashville, TN}

{downtown for the CMA festival}

{Pat and I enjoying CMA together}

{day 8- last day…and CRAZY rain..welcome to GA}

{Pat home for a few months}

{his very own boy room}

{laying at his awesome pool}

{date nights…Chill the yogurt bar}

{after two AMAZING weeks..back to VA}

{reunited with my babes}

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I had to share a few of the amazing memories from my vacation.  Pat and I had an awesome time driving cross country together, and then spent a week getting him all moved into his new apt. in GA.  It flew by, and I wish I could still be there with him…saying goodbye was the WORST!  Hope you enjoyed a taste of what we got to experience. xo


4 Responses to “{Adventures across the country via Instagram}”

  1. Fashion Cappuccino June 20, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Looks like such an awesome road trip! I want to see Mt.Rushmore one day! xoxoxoo

  2. simplicityisultimatesophistication June 21, 2011 at 12:28 am #

    Girl- it was awesome…you have to go see it! The story behind it’s creation is amazing!

  3. Tortnado June 22, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    what app do you use to take your pictures?

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