{fuzz wizard}

16 Jun

I HAD to share this with you guys!  Might be the coolest invention I know about…haha  Ok, so I’ve owened my North Face fleece for a a long time now, and honestly I haven’t worn it in the last two winters because of all the fuzz pulls it has on it (under the arm, sleeve or anywhere there is rubbing).  I think it’s just looked sloppy, so it just hung in my closet.

Well, my trip to TJ Maxx last week was amazing because I found this guy:


OK, so this is what my North Face looked like

{many fuzz pulls all over}

It’s a very easy product to use.  It does take C batteries, but after that you just turn the Wizard on, press lightly on the surface of your fabric and move it to areas of pulls.  (It doesn’t suggest use for cashmere, but it does come with a guard for delicate fabrics..attempt on cashmere at your own risk)

Comparing the LEFT and RIGHT side of my North Face after the FUZZ WIZARD went to work on the RIGHT!

Here is the finish fuzz free North Face!

It’s like NEW!  I love it…I highly recommend this product 🙂




2 Responses to “{fuzz wizard}”

  1. Tara Lawson June 22, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    I’ve been tempted to buy one of these, but figured it wouldn’t work. Thanks for the review!

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