{Girls Nights}

2 Jun

“Hold your friends close, because true friends only come once in a lifetime.”

{Sherry, Me, Kirstyn aka sister, Ashley & Tabatha}

What would I do without these girls in my life!  I want to introduce you guys to the rocks in my life.  We do AT LEAST once a week girls nights.  I look forward to spending time with each of these great friends!  Love each one of them.

This past week we grabbed dinner at THE BEST Italian restaurant in Lynchburg, Va.- La Villa.  It’s just a hole in the wall, and honestly if you aren’t from the area- you’d probably not know about the secrets behind the door….YUMMMMY!

oh yes!  I think we went through 3 of these baskets…We have a rule on girls night: eat your little heart out..and follow that up with dessert 🙂

{Tabatha, Kirstyn & Ashley}

{Sherry and I}

Now for the after dinner photoshoot!  We had fun with these pictures

What traditions do you have with your girl friends?  If you don’t have any- start!  It’s the best 🙂


One Response to “{Girls Nights}”

  1. audrey marie June 3, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    my girlfriend and i do an annual girls trip – i like your dessert rule 🙂

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