Marvelous Thrifting

23 May

This weekend was the most amazing memorable weekend!  If you ever have a chance to get to a West Point (or any military academy) graduation, GO!  But remember to pack your tissues and big sunglasses 🙂  There will be tears!  I will share some of the graduation pictures later this week.

Last Wednesday I left to drive to Delaware (where I grew up) to stay the night before heading to New York for Pat’s graduation.  On the way, mom asked me to stop at the awesome antique shop right outside of Charlottesville VA.  Of course I’m not going to say no to that!  While I was picking a few things up for her, I found some treasures of my own and wanted to share them with you!

{vintage vanity chair I got for mom for her photoshoots}

{vintage china dish}

{vintage porcelain dish}

{cute Owl jar}

{MY FAV!  old tribal basket}

{vintage chin bowl}

{vintage ceramic side table}

{vintage chunky mirror}

{jewelry box}

{vintage matching lamps}

{vintage chair from 1700s}

I love this antique shop!!  What was your favorite?? Mine was the tribal basket…how cool is that!


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