Tobacco Basket::i want!

9 May


How beautiful this vintage, but so useful basket is…There is some fun history in this piece.  The tabacco basket was used up until the 1980s for carrying large loads of tabacco into town.  These baskets were made of hand rived oak.  The oak stripes were nailed together, and the open spaces on each side were used for the hooks (which allowed the baskets to be pulled onto the scales and useful for loading and unloading the basket off the trucks).  Each warehouse/company would stamp their name on the sides of the basket to distinguish between each other.  So fun and interesting! I’m on a new hunt!



Hung over a table in an entry way..paired with some chic or modern finds…to take away the possible country look the basket could bring.


love this…brings some warm and homeyness to this space!


Would also make a fun way to display pictures of children, family, friends or even used at a wedding for pictures of the bride and groom.

Can’t wait for the adventures to come in finding this basket…and learning about the history that comes with it.


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