secret gardens

9 May

Living in a townhouse or apartment might mean that you are limited with what you can do in your own gardens or yards.  In our complex, we aren’t allowed to garden outside our patio line.  Last summer I reconstructed the side yard next to our patio for a nice small garden (photos to come).

Right now I am working on creating a intimate, private secret garden up on our top deck.  The way our townhouse is set up is our patio is at the basement level, and our deck is high of the ground off the kitchen and looks over the backyard.  We have a gorgeous view of the woods, BUT we also have a view into our neighbors decks on both sides of us.  A little awkward when you’re all out on your own deck that feel like they only sit a yard apart.

My plans are to create some more privacy up there this spring using flowers.  Right now I am working on the pots for around the deck.  Following that, the plans are to find old milk crates and use them as box planters to attach to the deck railings.  In them I can use tall flowers and grasses to create a little break up between me and the neighbors!

So far, this is what I have going for the pots on the ground and tables…


Large Pot #1


Large Pot #2


For the 3 smaller single plant pots


Medium Pot


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