Mountain Man vs. Simply Chic

9 May

So I am noticing a certain fad… antlers as decor.  Maybe I am noticing this more so I can prepare someday to have someone bring home antlers and say “where are we puttin’ them!”  I have to say, I’m kinda diggin’ the look, but knowing the right balance between mountain man vs. simply chic is important- otherwise it can become a little disturbing…


DISTURBING! and so not ok!!!  no woman wants this many antlers hanging in her home…so what’s the right simply chic balance.  Let’s find a medium mountain men!!


a single statement piece over a fireplace…brings the outdoors in


LOVE this farm style table paired with the antler chandelier and smaller antlers mounted on the wall..


I wouldn’t mind having this hanging in my dining room pair with some great plum fabric and a farm table with silver accents and white candles and flower all over the living room..hmm someday!

something like this…replace that chandelier with the antler one!  (minus the wall of books)


Also love the candle sticks…



so simple, but great look- simple white, paired with the pop pillows and the eye catching skull on the wall!


wouldn’t be opposed to a great skin in my bed room someday!


not only do I love the antlers..but that RUG! ugh to die for!


paired with teal! so fun

Ok, so these ideas have really got my mind starting to tic…ok time to find some antlers!!


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