J crew Jackpot

9 May

Sis and I decided last night we wanted to create some $$$ damage- so we ventured to the Jcrew warehouse sale.  Thinking it wouldn’t be that insane last night we were excited for our finds!  Once we arrived….the INSANITY began.  Were we crazzzzzzzy?!?!  It was like a battle between women.  Imagine a room full of jcrew items at great prices and they all want the same piece!  It was a fight let me tell you.  IT WAS TERRIBLE, but I mean once you’re in…you can’t just run and hide-you must fight! hahaha So, the battle for sis and I began…and these are some of the items I came out with!  Didn’t do to shabby! Happy Friday to me 🙂

The Insanity

Madewell cuffs


Jcrew gray sutton boot

Madewell silk tank

Jcrew black lace and silk dress

LemLem dress

goofball!  modeling all her finds


One Response to “J crew Jackpot”

  1. Sherry May 10, 2011 at 3:11 am #

    Holly crap! You guys found a lot of good stuff! Love everything! And love the new blog! Will be following for sure!!

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