I’m thinking stripes

9 May

I have this HUGE long terrible living room wall.  You could get lost looking at it.  I have been throwing back and forth the idea of stenciling, but Saturday I found a few pictures of horizontal strips in a room.  I really really liked the look, but would use it only on the long wall in my living room.  Stenciling would be so fun in the space, but I think I want to do something a little more inexpensive and less time consuming, since it’s not a permanent house (maybe someday in my own space!)  Here are of few of my inspiration pictures…


obviously way to skinny of a stripe, but the black and white is so fun!


Great entrance way!  I want to use a little bit of a wider strip so it’s not this overwhelming…



Closer to what I am looking for.  I want to do a two tone design similar to this.

Ok, so I found this picture of a stripe design I’d not seen before…but kinda thought would be interesting..what do you think?



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