5 things to get you through a rainy day…

9 May

I’d have to say that a rainy day can sometimes feel like a trap.  It can put a big damper on plans you may have had for the weekend.  But remember, rain brings spring time!   So, here five things that can help get you thru a rainy day:

A coffee date with some close girl friends.  can’t live without my great friends!


DIY, craft time!  I have tons of ideas for this one…but this is at the top of my list.  You’ll need: Wood: $10, ‘D’ Ring Hangers: $5, Metal Wire: $4, Wood burning pen that we will use many more times:$30, Stain: white vinegar and steel wool $3


of course shopping.  Jcrew, TJ Maxx, Ross, the Mall…or take a road trip to Richmond..must better shopping!


get in a good workout.  Get the blood pumping with a good high intensity circuit and you will feel so much better about being stuck inside all day


lastly bring the outdoors in by starting an indoor garden; herbs or small potted flowers


Have a happy Rainy day!


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